Boating holiday in Friesland with a nice boat from Yachtcharter Leeuwarden

Boating holiday and vacation in Friesland

Like boating in a nice sailing area ?

Yachtcharter Leeuwarden, central located n the heart of the province Friesland, have ships to suit the taste of any water sports enthusiast. You can rent out with us several classic motor yachts for families, friends up to max. 12 persons.

Yachtcharter Leeuwarden Our fleet @ home (April 2021 thanks to Friedhelm)

We are specialized in boats with a very low vertical clearance. See here the advantages:

  • With a height of 2.40 meters boat you open up a huge sailing area in Friesland. So you have approximately 600 km waterway in front of the bow ...

  • Fewer delays at bridges, among many bridges you pass through easily ... Side effect: your vacation is cheaper (less bridge money)

  • Even in high season, you can use their motor yacht, houseboat launched its ports where you can relax a berth for the night ...

  • Experience away from the busy waterways and large lakes of Friesland, the peace and quiet in nature and small picturesque villages.

  • Low boats have less wind sensitive, easier to maneuver and therefore suitable for beginners with boating ...

Holiday on the waterways in Friesland and ...

Would you like to check out every remote corner in the province of Friesland? Our classic motor punt or yachts, with have a clearance of 2.40 m, gets you to pass under almost any bridge.

Yachtcharter Leeuwarden Shipyard, mooring, reception and living

No overcroweded harbours with Yachtcharter Leeuwarden

The yachts of Yachtcharter Leeuwarden have a very low passage height and in combination with the new routes, which were put on in the context Friesche Meren Project allows you to sail very beautiful routes in Friesland with our yachts.
By the Friesche Meren Project becomes the sailing area larger in Friesland, with the restriction of the passage height of 2.50 meters. This restriction ensures that these areas are not passable for all ships, this means also in the high season the ports aren't normally never overcrowded, as one knows it from the southwest parts of Friesland.
Yachtcharter Leeuwarden prepared these routes for you on board, so that you can spend a beautiful vacation here in Friesland.

No experience, no boat driving licence ?

For our boats there is no boat driving licence necessary. Do you have at all no experience? If you rent a boat with us, you get a custom-made briefing. For the time of your life!

Leeuwarden, the provincial capital is centrally located and is an excellent base. Our motorboat rentals - operation at the Water Sports Centre Leeuwarden, both by car and by public transport easily accessible.

On the Water Sports Centre Leeuwarden we have our own repair shed, and travel lift, a large port and a safe, spacious and enclosed parking for your car.

Traditional sailing barges in Friesland

Since 2001, we take over the rental of Lemster barges from "De Zeilvaart" in Enkhuizen. We sold this company in 2017 and now we rent out one big sailing ship for max. 12 guests, the Stevenaak AALTJE ENGELINA. You can rent this ship we a group, but we offer cabin charter as wel in several periods of the year. Details you will find on our website : Sailing with AALTJE ENGELINA. Since end of 2018 there is a new company on our company site: Platbodemverhuur Friesland, where you can rent out flat bottom sailing boats with en without skipper.

Yachtcharter Leeuwarden, member HISWA

Our company is affiliated with the HISWA, this means that you can expect the service and guarantee of this rural sector organization.

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